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When Pro-Shot Products won a contract to deliver weapon cleaning kits to the U.S.
Military for their new rifle, the contract required a custom metal cleaning rod that met
rigid specifications. ResourceShark™ connected them to NSL Analytical, an
internationally recognized authority in materials testing to help seal the deal.

The Global Pandemic forced businesses around the world to do business on the web
and Zagar Inc. Manufacturing delivered. When one of the largest auto manufacturers in
Japan was unable to get drill equipment from their old supplier in the EU they found
Zagar on ResourceShark™, placing their first order for $250,000.

ResourceShark™ connected Devdent, the nations leading dental practice support firm,
with the American Football Association to create an information campaign about the
AFA’s new athletic mouthguard endorsed by the American Dental Association.

When Colonel Garth Massey launched his “Coffee with the Colonel” video series to give
a taste of his leadership program, ResourceShark™ connected CommandReady with the new social media platform JingoUSA to be one of the first hosts.

King Capital Advisors, a specialty investment fund serving the Latino market got
connected to Americore, a California based financial services firm specializing in
customized lending and credit lines for businesses and real estate investors.

ResourceShark Provides 3 Key Introductions!

Resource Shark loves seeing businesses on our directory connecting.  Just last week we enjoyed seeing these three connections happening:

Diana Damarin, VP of Pro-Shot Products, an Illinois based firm is always on the watch for reliable quality steel providers and materials testing facilities.  Pro-Shot Products manufactures and sells premier gun cleaning tools and kits as well as related supplies for those tools.  To meet the specific demands of some of its professional clients, Pro-Shot needed material that will need U.S. DOD and other government standards.  Diana needed a firm who can test the materials Pro-Shot Products uses to produce fine quality gun cleaning tools.  

Larry Somrack, of NSL Analytical connected with Diana Damarin.  NSL Analytical is an internationally recognized ISO certified materials testing company.  Larry also has several relationships with steel and metals producers which NSL already handles materials testing for.  He can pass along those resources as well as the material certifications. Now Pro-Shot Products will have additional Steel and other metals sources so Pro-Shot never has to experience manufacturing delays due to supplier issues.

Gary Zagar, senior consultant for Zagar Inc. Is now connected to both Diana Damarin and to Larry Somrack because Zagar Inc. Is a manufacturer that performs specialized fabricating and engineering services to ISO and higher standards.  With the experience born of 82 years of machine tool building, Zagar Inc. has developed machine and modular product lines facilitating a number of industrial uses. That means Zagar can refer its customers to NSL Analytical and Larry Somrack can refer some of his customers to Gary Zagar.

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