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B2B Connection Success Stories

ResourceShark™ Provides 3 Key Introductions!

The ResourceShark™ team is always finding ways to develop new business for clients listed on the “Shark”, here’s another great example:

Pro-Shot Products manufactures and sells premier gun cleaning tools, kits and supplies to sports enthusiast and militaries around the world. When Diana Damarin, VP of Pro-Shot Products, landed a contract with the DOD to supply kits for a new rifle that had to meet specific quality requirements standards. Diana needed to source certified materials testing for the new kits and a specialty manufacturer for some of the components.

This is where ResourceShark™ comes in.

NSL Analytical is an internationally recognized ISO certified materials testing company, and one of those materials is metals. In fact NSL has several relationships with steel and metals manufacturers and fabricators that they perform testing for. Our team connected Pro-Shot with NSL.

And there’s more.

Zagar Inc. is now connected to both Pro-Shot and NSL Analytical. Zagar is a manufacturer that designs and builds specialized fabricating machinery and modular production lines for industries from aerospace to robotic assembly. Zagar Inc. is a great fit to fill Pro-Shot’s manufacturing needs and now can work with NSL to perform testing for any customer.

That’s the power of ResourceShark™.