Dining Categories

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Bar / Pub
Pubs have a long tradition of being the place to go when you need to unwind and enjoy a beer or other alcoholic beverage at the end of a long day.
At buffet restaurants customers are provided a selection of food at a fixed price.
Cafes are characterized by outdoor seating, an unhurried atmosphere, and the loyalty of their repeat customers.
Casual Dining
Customers are served at their table, food offerings are moderately priced, atmosphere is low-key.
Food-service business that serves customers exclusively through phone orders, online orders, or both.
Family Style
At family style restaurant servers deliver the food in large dishes and customers then serve the food for themselves
Fast Casual
Fast casual restaurants cater to customers who are looking for fare that is relatively quick yet, at the same time, healthy.
Fast Food
Fast food is the most widely recognized type of restaurant thanks to franchise chains.
Fine Dining
Fine dining restaurants offer diners an upscale meal experience often comprising several courses.
Food Truck
Food trucks, carts, or stands are unique modern businesses that normally specialize in a single type of food.

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